Friday, 18 May 2012

Stamp Layering Tutorial


In this tutorial I will share with you a simple yet effective stamp layering technique, which can be used to create depth of field in a design incorporating more than one stamp. As you can see from the example above I have used three stamps in my design:

Stamp one: an owl
Stamp two: a tree
Stamp three: moss

I have positioned the tree behind the owl and have stamped moss around the base of the tree without stamping over the base itself. This has been achieved by masking the first image before stamping the next image partially over it, and so on.

This stamping technique is versatile to use with many different stamps, although it is easier to see where you are positioning your stamp if you use a clear stamp mounted onto a clear block.  I used black ink in my deisgn, however you could use any colour of ink. I also created my stamp 'masks' using sticky notes, as they are easily removable and do not leave any residue on your project.

Before commencing, choose which stamps you would like to use in your design and decide which stamp you would like to appear at the 'front' of your stamped design, for example I chose the owl stamp. This is the stamp which you will use first.


1.  Create a 'mask' for each of your stamps: take a sticky note and place it with the sticky side down on your craft mat. Ink your stamp and stamp the image one onto the sticky note, ensuring as much of the image is over the area which is sticky underneath. Repeat this process for each of your stamps using a new sticky note for each stamp.
2. Trim around the image/s leaving a 1 mm border and set aside.

3. Stamp the owl onto white card. Place the owl mask over the stamped image ensuring it is positioned exactly over the image as shown below.


4. Stamp the tree partially over the masked owl then remove the mask to reveal your image.


5. Now repeat the above step but this time apply a mask to the base of the tree then stamp moss as shown below.


Your image is now complete and is ready to incorporate into a project.

I used my image in a card, as shown below, along with a couple other cards featuring this technique.


White card
Black ink
Clear stamps: owl, tree and moss
Clear stamp block
Sticky notes


  1. Cool tutorial! - thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Vicky a wonderful tutorial,it is a very long time since I have done this. Maybe I should pull out my stamps again!!!